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Companies have all types of recruitment needs, both short and long term. CTG SURGE RECRUITMENT services offers flexible solutions that can be scaled as business needs dictate – whether it’s bringing on an on-site recruiter who will sit with your team and meet with the candidates, or a virtual recruiter for a specific period of time.
This means we offer a wide range of solutions for our clients, including:
  • On-Site Recruiter: This role is heavily embedded into the organization and its stakeholders. This is our most popular offering and engagements can be as short as one month or as long as two years. Many of our recruiting consultants have become permanent employees of the client after demonstrating their skills and expertise during the contract period.
  • RPO Consultant: This role means that CTG provides not only the consultant but also the tools. We have our own applicant tracking system, LinkedIn Premium Accounts and access to Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Dice, Clearance Jobs.  Some firms use us on a consistent 25-40 hour a week schedule while others come to us for support in times of hiring surges. We offer scalable support that can be ramped up or down as your needs dictate.
  • Sourcing Support: Some organizations have the recruiting bandwidth but they don’t have the necessary tools. CTG has a stable of sophisticated recruiting tools find you the right candidate. Whether it’s locating resumes of pertinent candidates or leveraging the deep experience of our Boolean search experts who use a variety of methods to uncover potential candidates that have never posted a resume, CTG can arm your recruiting team with the tools to be successful.